Thursday, July 28, 2011

FOUND: Rocketship show from 1996

Someone uploaded a classic live concert of one of my favorite bands ever.

Rocketship are legends in the Southern California indie pop scene and have inspired bands all over the world since the release of their first EP in 1994. Rocketship is also one of the most difficult bands to get a hold of if you want to interview them or book them for a show. Rocketship's lead singer and song writer, Dustin Reske, is slow when answering emails, (I asked him to do an interview in 2008 and haven't heard from him since he said yes all those years ago) but, I found him again recently and asked him to do another interview with me and this time he agreed, FOR REAL! So expect an interview with pop genius Dustin Reske in the coming weeks.

Here is video of Rocketship performing live in 1996 in Detroit, MI.

Naomi & Me

Rocketship with Rose Melburg performing The Love We Could Have Had

Hey Hey Girl

I Love You Like The Way That I Used To Do

Bonus: Rocketship performing Kisses Are Promises at a different show

A double bonus cover of I Love You Like The Way That I Used To Do by the asian band Caucus

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Glasses - Love Is Queer Reivew

The Glasses new album, Love Is Queer, is probably the most comforting album I have heard this year. It feels like a security blanket. There is not one tone or hint of malice or anger in this recording, which is really uplifting to the spirit. The Glasses are right where we left them in 2009 when they released "Story Problems" (and played an awesome show with my band in New Hampshire!) with boy and girl vocals by singers Will Wagler and Becky (who i believe is some sort of superintendant) accompanied by jangly guitars and fast drums. That is pretty much this band's trademark and they do it better than anyone else.

There is a strong hint of 80s new wave in this album and its no wonder considering the band's principal song writer, Will Wagler, grew up during that crucial decade. This album, whether intentionally or not, is reminiscant of hits by bands like the Go Gos, Culture Club and Hall and Oates. I am not saying that is a bad thing, in fact, it makes me like the album a lot more.

There is a sense of urgency in the songs on this album with limited instrumentation and no studio tricks. You won't hear any auto tune or 80 piece orchestras on this record, just drums, guitar, bass, the occasional keyboard and boy girl vocal trade offs. I will always love DIY albums and this is one of the best I have ever heard.

Stand out tracks on this album include One Late Night, which is very nice, starting out with a keyboard synth sound holding one note like a church organ while Will and Becky sing a lullaby-like melody until a synthesized drum beat comes in to supply some extra energy to the song. Another great track is Things Left Behind In Dreams. Again the 80s influence is strong with the synthesizer, electronic drums and memorable lead guitar riff. The hook in this song is outrageous and the bass line is pretty adventurous too. One final song I can't stop spinning is Your Hate Is Adorable. It reminds me of one of my favorite classic indie pop bands called Rocketship.

"Confused Hair" from The Glasses on Vimeo.

The Glasses have released another album full of great pop songs and it is even better than their last album (which I didn't believe would be possible). They have experimented more on this record and the result is a more progressive and interesting album with the same catchyness that makes them great. I hope their next album continues in the same direction, but gets even more in touch with their (80s) musical inspirations.