Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paul Starling

When someone becomes a song writer, it is almost criminal not to use your god given abilities to attract women by writing great love songs. Sunshine pop enthusiasts Paul "The Darling" Starling (they are a band, not a person) have released 3 albums in quick succession the past few years and are catching the attention of my heart. All of their albums are filled with incredible pop songs and their latest single "All Of My Heart" is just so great that I had to write about it as soon as I knew the right words to say.

I'm just going to quote the chorus of the song "We'll be happy like Brian Wilson said/and I would give her all of my heart/and i would make her see we'll never part/and i would give her all of my heart yes i would/and i would make her see shes the only one for me/and i would show her now that ill never leave/and i would give her all of my heart yes i would". Fantastic. I wish I had wrote it.

The song writer and singer for the band, Brian Bringelson, has a great voice and a smooth vibrato and spends a lot of time doing backing vocals on this track. The 60s style classy reverb and shaking tambourine are evocative of 70s soft rock - in a good way. All the stars have aligned and I am happy to discover another great song writer and pop band from Southern California. Big congratulations to Paul Starling for having their single released on Side B Music, which is owned by my pal Jerry Boyd. Jerry has great taste and I really respect him for doing things the old fashioned way (releasing music that is actually good). I adore this song and give huge credit to Brian Bringelson and the rest of Paul Starling for creating such a gem.

You can download the song on Itunes! =]

All Of My Heart - Paul Starling by SideBMusic

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