Thursday, April 10, 2008

Monthly pop music wrap up

Woah! It's been over a MONTH since I've written here! Wow. The days just go by! I blame my new job and my obsession with recording music for this. But I now bring you the MONTHLY POP MUSIC WRAP UP! All you need to know about the world of pop music for this month. (sort of)

In case you don't know yet ROCKETSHIP is still offering their 2 latest albums and a few songs all for free on their label's WEBSITE. This is extremely recommended.

The new smash hit by Paul Steel is almost out! Go and listen to some songs and get ready!

The new Sweet Diss and the Comebacks album is getting closer to coming out every day! Make sure you visit the myspace and keep the pressure on their resident genius, Nate Reinauer!

Derek White and the Monophobics just release their debut album and it EFFING RULES. Seriously check these guys out. They're a smile.

The extremely gorgeous Italian pop band, FITNESS FOREVER have revealed another song from their upcoming album! It's so great. Carlos Valderamma is a genius and I get so excited to hear his music.

lastly, WEEZER is finally releasing their new album. The second self titled Weezer album is expected to be more like their last 3 albums and less like the first 2, but I'm still excited for it to come out. You should go to their page and wet your chops!

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