Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fitness Forever

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know I've been really busy writing in some old reviews and working on some new ones that I'm pretty stoked on. So if you scroll down you can read some new interviews for some albums I added lately.

And just for the record, you can't download any albums from my blog. I allow people to stream them for previewing purposes, so please stop sending me hate mail!

So while I spend a few days writing in old reviews you should check out this lovely band from Italy called Fitness Forever. I was lucky enough to hear their first single "Mondo Fitness" last year and they are just about to release their first album on EMI in Italy and then all over the world shortly after.

Check out their myspace and hear a track from their upcoming album. Its really brilliant. Bonus points if anyone can translate the lyrics for me! I'd love to know what the song is about.

- eric