Tuesday, January 1, 2008

America - History: America's Greatest Hits

Released in 1975, this album is a compilation of America's greatest hits (at that point) and is their best selling album. And rightly so! America's albums have always been plagued by inconsistency, one incredible song and then a few filler songs that you often skipped over. But History gets rid of that problem and brings you all their essentials.

America has always been one of the best acoustic soft rock bands, and I really love hearing this album. If you do like America, fans will recognize songs like Sister Golden Hair and A Horse With No Name, but I was extremely surprised when I heard some great songs on here that I had never heard before.

After the amazing track Sister Golden Hair is a forgotten classic called Daisy Jane. It's just an incredibly beautiful song that I used to listen to when I wanted to get in a great mood and fall sleep. I even sat down at my piano one night and figured out how to play it, and in the process discovered how beautiful Major 7th chords are.

After Daisy Jane fades out the album ends properly with a disco influenced tune, Woman Tonight. This song too is a classic from the early disco/funk era with America staying true to their style while fusing with the R&B music common at the time. I also love the bass and guitar solo trade off in the middle of the song. This one is really great and worth many listens.

All in all, this album is just a great refresher course on the music of the band America and includes all of the hits, but some of their less known music really made this album for me. You should absolutely own this album.

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